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Cloud State of Play

Updated: Aug 19, 2020


This blog points to a video presentation that Richard Simon of MultiCloud Global delivered at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) London, earlier this year.

This was the last of the in-person meeting of the Cloud Native London community, organised by Cheryl Hung (CNCF), prior to the lock-down, and was hosted by Dominique Top (HashiCorp).

Richard’s presentation was titled Journey To The Cloud, focussing on the Multicloud state of play, customer challenges when embarking on Digital Transformation strategies and the importance of adopting a Cloud Operating Model.

The presentation also provided a number of key recommendations, including:

  • Organisations that have moved or are considering moving workloads to the Cloud, need to conduct a Cloud Readiness Assessment, to understand their position and ability to deliver successful migrations.

  • Organisations that are looking to migrate or have migrated will benefit from Cloud Performance and Hosting Candidacy services to optimise their cloud footprint, as well as identifying the low-hanging fruit workloads.

  • Selecting a partner that is impartial and will take an organisation’s requirements from idea to operational delivery - not just offer recommendations - is a key differentiator when selecting a Cloud partner for your journey.

For the full presentation, please visit the link below:

Cloud State of Play

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