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Helping our clients to innovate their business faster

The goal to digitally transform legacy IT systems to better support the business is well known.  The journey and the path to get there however is not so clearly defined.  The technology landscape is constantly changing.  Decisions on strategy and approach can involve many stakeholders both business and IT.  Many organisations are facing challenges in achieving results to budget and timescales.  Reach out today to see how we can help.


The top 5 CxO Questions MultiCloud Global will answer

1.  Strategy and planning across CIO Stakeholders - Enterprises need to lay the ground for a good foundation to their cloud strategy, design and roadmap.  Without a clear strategy, it’s difficult to get ‘buy-in’ from all the application stakeholders etc.  Without a roadmap, it’s hard for IT teams to see the end goal for current and upcoming activities.

2. Automation of Cloud IT processes -  Automation and configuration management help organisations to accelerate their migration plans, as well as offer rapid fire ability to build out new innovative services in the cloud, using a Cloud Native approach.  Organisations can employ automation to provide automatic provisioning, configuration and remediation of applications, services and workloads, making the build task quicker, more accurate and repeatable.

3.  DevOps culture effectiveness and efficiency - Changing to an Agile development methodology helps to accelerate and streamline all the SDLC stages, as well as pave the way for a more Cloud Native approach to deploying workloads.  Organisations struggling to remain competitive, have grown rapidly or wish to develop new features to their services more quickly are most likely to gain from the adoption of a DevOps culture.

4.  Observability, day two management - Observability is the ability to remedy problems in a cloud environment by providing smart analytics as an inference to the best cause of the problem.  By quickly detecting and remedying problems, organisations can rapidly resolve potential major disruptions to their services.

5.  Application Migration - Enterprises choosing to migrate to the cloud need to be aware of the various prerequisites needed in order to achieve not only a successful migration but also design their cloud architecture in a way that is Cloud Native and able to cater for future workloads and software innovations that the business may wish to employ.

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We always want to hear from you at MultiCloud Global. Contact us today to find the approach that best fit your needs.

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